A fun way to capture and share illustrated selfies.

Wooden, cartoon-painted cut-outs were one of the most unforgettable memories from going to the carnival as a kid. They had a magical way of engaging us unlike other attractions, even as we aged. By simply poking your head through the hole – just long enough for a photo – you could immediately transform into a circus clown, lion trainer, or baby giant!

Headshot is a mobile app, designed for iOS and Android, that digitizes this nostalgic childhood experience.

Tools | Sketch, Illustrator, Pixate



I worked on Headshot with two mobile developers that I met at 3 Day Startup. I was the sole designer on the team and also led product management. The iOS version didn't make it to production, but the Android version did. The app's simple and intuitive UX/UI design was inspired in part by Snapchat; however, the idea of static, illustrated cut-outs was conceptualized and executed before Snapchat Lenses ("face filters") hit the market. A professional illustrator was hired to produce the cut-outs under my creative direction.


UX/UI Design

An early sketch of the Headshot UI and functional specifications



"Family of Mice"

"Garden Head"

"Major Key"




Landing Page

A minimalist landing page captures the essence of Headshot.